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Beltex yard scraper

Gemjo is for over 30 years well known, as yard scraper rubber supplier. These scraper rubbers reinforced with steel can be ordered in various sizes from us.

The Beltex rubber blade have proven to be particularly suitable for the manufacture of a strong yard scraper.
The Beltex scraper rubbers therefore consist of a ca. 3 cm thick rubber layer containing a reinforcement of braided steel wire cables. They are also available in a limited number of laminated canvas.
The Beltex rubber can be mounted to a new frame or can be placed as a replacement wear strip . They are often deployed to various fields such as industry, agriculture, recycling, but also to clean roads and yards.
Our Beltex rubber scraper strips are especially suitable for: scraper, feed slide, snow blade, mud, muck, scrap, paper, manure, slurry scraper.

The Beltex rubber scraper saves you time and money.

For every frame is a suitable rubber to get. It does't matter whether it is new construction or replacement of the rubber strip.
   We supply to trade companies and private individuals.


1,6m x 0,4m

1,8m x 0,4m

2,2 m x 0,4 m

2,50m x 0,4m

2.65 m x 0.4 m other sizes are often available on request to make.
2.75 m x 0.4 m

3,00m x 0,4m

3,20 m x 0,4 m


We can deliver the rubberstrips for your scaper with mounting holes. Also available with heavy steelstrip en bolts and nuts.

Prices starting at € 45, -

Large numbers demand our special prices. Delivery Europe wide.

Polite recommended by Gemjo Trading in Beekbergen.

If you have questions or comments about the Beltex scraper rubbers you can always contact us. We will be happy to answer them.